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Video coverage Battle of the Bridge

posted Nov 29, 2011, 11:02 PM by Gina Connell   [ updated Dec 1, 2011, 10:51 PM ]

Video coverage is now available from our You Tube Channel, alongwith the photo gallery which is posted onto the Media Gallery. 

Final teams that played in the Battle of the Bridge 2011 were:

Representing Auckland (25-23)
Josh Alexandre, Zhiyang Cheng, Roger Rao, Jie Feng
W L Chan, Phillip Sha, Dinyar Irani, Ivan Tam,
Ruskin Dantra, Nathan Phillips, Oliver Scarlett, Shane Warbrooke
Charlie Chang, Tony Chang, Kate Wang, Bob Inns

Representing North Harbour (23-25)
Brad Chen, Mitchell Barker, Hanson Ling, Bryn Lindsay
Simeon Cairns, Andrew Morris, Kevin Fogarty, Ray Dulangon
Long Life Jiang, Sameer Khedhir, David Baker, Bozidar Zutic
Ben Jung, Jack Lin, Dave Scott, Hone Te Pania

For more information on the Battle of the Bridge contest, visit our Media Gallery.