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North Harbour's Liam Young wins the NZ B Grade Singles Title

posted Oct 15, 2012, 3:23 PM by Gina Connell   [ updated Feb 6, 2013, 1:10 PM ]

The New Zealand Championship B Grade Mens Singles event saw four North Harbour players qualify for the main draw - Liam Young, Bryn Lindsay, Ray Dulangon and Craig Dye.  The top seed for the B Grade event was Auckland’s Ben Collins with Craig Dye who earlier in the competition had won the 030 Mens Singles title, 2nd seed.

On one side of the draw, Ray Dulangon finished 2nd in his group with wins over Rodney Bygrave (WT) and Yingchi Bai (A), but lost in the main draw to Victor Ma (A) 3-0.

Bryn Lindsay finished 2nd in his group behind top seed Ben Collins (A) beating Roger Wang (A) 3-0.  In the main draw Bryn beat Malcolm Lowe (A) 3-1, to make it into the quarter finals to play Craig Dye but lost 3-0.

Craig Dye finished 1st in his group beating Burim Rakovica (A) and Nam Hang Lee (A) with 3-0 victories to take him to the quarter finals.  Craig then beat Bryn Lindsay 3-0, with a win in the semi final over Victor Ma (A) 3-2 with a close 14-12 in the 5th game.  This put Craig into the final against fellow North Harbour player Liam Young.

The other side of the draw saw Liam Young finishing 1st on countback in his group with James Harter (WK) 2nd and Phillip Sha (A) 3rd.  He continued in the main draw beating Burim Rakovica (A) 3-1, Matthew Hetherington (C) 3-0 in the quarter finals to come up against top seed Ben Collins (A) in the semi final.  Liam continued his winning streak beating Ben Collins 3-1 to secure his place in the final against Craig Dye.

This now put two North Harbour players into the B Grade Mens Singles Final.  Both players played well and in the 4th game Liam was down 7-1 but made an outstanding comeback to win 11-8.  Liam then came out with the victory winning 3-2 and 11-4 in the 5th game. 

Congratulations Liam.

Photo of Liam above courtesy of Murray Finch

Special mention to:

Tomasz Koscik won the 030 Mens Doubles title with Rong Chen (A) winning the final against Phillip Sha (A) and Xiaojian Sha (CHN).

Craig Dye won the B Grade Mens Doubles title with Matthew Hetherington (C) winning the final against James Harter (WK) and Mark Page (WK).

Mitchell Barker qualified  2nd in his group in the Under 21 Mens Singles, but lost in the main draw to Michael Fong-Ross 3-2 and 11-7 in the 5th game.  Michael Fong-Ross continued on to the semi-finals beating oliver Scarlett (A) before losing to Yuansen Yao of China 3-1.

Victor Pollett finished 3rd in his group on countback in the Under 21 Mens Singles, with a win against Roger Rao (A) 3-2 and 12-10 in the 5th game.