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North Harbour winter grade champs
Monday, September 21 and Thursday, September 24
Open to all North Harbour Interclub players.

Autumn league teams competition

posted May 3, 2021, 6:49 PM by Steve Chong

Autumn league teams competition started May 3rd 2021. There are still some spaces available, contact John Stapleton or Robert Dunn

Xmas Hours

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Holiday Season Opening hours

During the holiday season starting from Monday December 21st 2020 we will be open at the following times (click the Xmas Hours link to see the times):

Monday mornings  9am to 12:30pm

Wednesday mornings 9am to 12:30pm

Thursday evenings 7pm to 10pm but closed on 26 December

Friday mornings 9am to 12:30pm

Saturday evenings 7pm to 9:30pm

Sunday mornings 9am to 12:30pm

The following are the 2021 start dates for our regular weekly activities.

Monday February 8th            Summer League starts

Tuesday  February 10th          Club nights start

Wednesday February 11th     Open nights start

Thursday February 12th         Summer League  starts

Friday February 13th              Badminton/Table Tennis club starts

Northern Regional Senior Max Play

posted Oct 21, 2014, 12:37 AM by XpandPlay Enterprises

Saturday November 8th sees the Northern Regional Senior Max Play Championships at North Harbour Table Tennis Stadium.  Entries close November 4th.  Numbers are limited to 32 players, with 5 singles matches with the best of 7 games for each match.  8.30am open for practice with a 9.30am start.

Michael Malik wins gold at AIMS Games

posted Sep 24, 2014, 3:53 PM by XpandPlay Enterprises

Michael Malik from Pinehurst schools wins gold. Pinehurst wins team bronze at AIMS Games

Michael (pictured right in the photo) has won the gold medal in the Boys singles at the AIMS Games for Intermediate schools held in Tauranga last week. He came from 2 games to nil down, to win the final in 5 games over Jim Sha of Sommerville Intermediate.

In the final he was supported on the side lines by his team mates Callan Walker-Mead and Mark Price, calling out "one more point Mikey" as he clawed his way back into the match.

Earlier the 3 boys had won the bronze medal in the teams event.

In an interview with Mikey, the young lad appeared to have his future well planned out.

In table tennis he first wants to be able to beat his father, then beat  his friend Thomas' father then become a professional table tennis player.

In life he hopes to get a job, maybe working in a dairy to start with, get married around 30 and play table tennis.

His role models are Ma Long (table tennis), Thomas Abercrombie (basketball) and his sister Sara ( a teacher)

North Harbour winter grade champs

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Monday, September 21 and Thursday, September 24 Open to all North Harbour Interclub players.

Zone Day for Primary Schools

posted Dec 15, 2013, 6:37 PM by Gina Connell

Primary school zone day was held on 5th December 2013.  Results from the day are as follows:

A Grade

1 St Johns - Matthew Alsammak, Daniel and Michael Malik

2 St Josephs Baboons

3 Chelsea Spinners

Battle of the Bridge - North Harbour wins

posted Dec 14, 2013, 8:33 PM by Gina Connell

The inaugural Battle of the Bridge competition was held on Tuesday 3rd December 2013. For the first time since 2009, North Harbour teams beat Auckland by 28-20 to win the trophy for 2013.  This takes North Harbour into the lead with overall points for the cup at 5-4.

Results are as follows:

1 - Brad Chen, Victor Pollett, Bryn Lindsay, Eric Li lost 2-10

2 - Kevin Fogarty, Long Life Jiang, Jason Zhang, William Wu won 7-5

3- Tanya Sulimova, Kurt Hawkins, Bozidar Zutic, Josh Irvine won 10-2

4 - Sameer Khedhir, Kenny Li, Dave Parker, Ivan Jurisich won 9-3


Racketlon Comes to New Zealand

posted Nov 29, 2013, 10:31 PM by Gina Connell

Saturday 19th October saw the introduction of Racketlon to New Zealand. A racquets phenomenon which originated in Scandinavia is now being played worldwide with competitions held all over Europe, Canada and other parts of the world.. A full day event, consisting of four racket sports - tennis, badminton, table tennis and squash – with all competitors having to play all the sports in sequence.

It proved the perfect event for testing players’ hand-eye abilities on unfamiliar territory, most having only played one or two of the sports before. All arrived bright and early at the Albany Tennis Park on Saturday morning where they were greeted by a bacon sandwich and a briefing on the day ahead. All sports were played in men’s, ladies and mixed doubles pairings allocated into groups in which they would remain for the day – come what may!

Matches in each sport were scored to 21 but had a time limit of 15 minutes per match due to the booking times at each venue we had made. . The aim of Racketlon is to determine which pair has the best accumulation of points across all four sports against the  other pairs in their group. Therefore no one win ever decides a winner - every point counts until the final exchange is settled.

The tennis started at 9am sharp with decent displays from the weekend warriors. As there is no North Shore venue with facilities available for all sports, players made their way to Badminton North Harbour for sport number two, and then onto North Harbour Table Tennis. Ahead of schedule at this point there was even time for a spot of lunch, physical (and psychological) recovery before the final round.

The event concluded at North Shore Squash Club, where at close of play players advanced to the bar with a magnificent view of a sunny Lake Pupuke. Results were calculated, crowning the winners of each group. This produced a range of results with winners ranging from overseas Racketlon veterans (Chris Bright and Owen Mugridge winners of Men’s 1) and high level badminton players (Brock Matheson and Jennifer Doo winners of Mixed 1) to pairs made up of individuals with differing dominant sports (David Frank and Michelle Heron winners of Mixed 2). Results illustrated that the winning tactical approach is hard to pick. Winners of Men’s 2 were Glenn Cox and Kerrin Harrison (NZ badminton rep)  and Nikki Howlett and Marusa Pogcnik came out on top in the Women’s.

There was copious positive feedback on the day. Donelle Roberts, a teacher at Marina View School, said: “I had an absolutely wonderful day – it was great to catch up with old friends and to have the chance to make new ones. Loved all the sports – despite the lack of skill with most of them. Would be keen to take part in a similar set up again and am thinking about trying to play them on a recreational basis. The organisation was fantastic – everyone was very supportive and friendly! Loved having the last event at Squash – what a venue to sit and have a drink!”


Thanks goes to all those involved in the organising of the event and to all who played in the pilot and inaugural tournament, without you, the day would not have been possible.


North Harbour beats Waikato in Dalgety Shield Challenge

posted Nov 29, 2013, 10:05 PM by Gina Connell

North Harbour beat Waikato 37-27 to retain the Dalgety Shield at North Harbour on Saturday November 23rd. 

Next challenge for North Harbour is the Battle of the Bridge against a strong Auckland team featuring notable players such as Roger Rao, Philip Xiao and Bob Inns.

Representing North Harbour 

Doug Pattinson, Victor Pollett, Jason Zhang, Leroy Gov, Sameer Khedhir, Tanya Sulimova, Josh Irvine, William Wu, Kenny Li, John Lee, Jerry Ho, Milorad Zutic, Ivan Abbott, Josh Te Pania, Osama El Beltagi, Bill Sorby

Representing Waikato

Kevin Yang, Mark Page, Paul Whitehead, John Page, Daniel Delbourgo, Armindeep Singh, Benyi Yang, Dave Soctt, James Harter, Johny Ainsley, Yang Low, Jimmy Caunter, Trevor McGaughran, David Yells, Aaron Yang, Mark Caunter


Dalgety Shield Results

Waikato 1  beat North Harbour 1 10 matches to 6

WK 1 - Kevin Yang  3, Mark Page  1, Paul Whitehead  1, John Page  2

NH 1 - Victor Pollett 2, Doug Pattinson 2, Jason Zhang 0, Leroy Gov 1


Waikato 2 drew with North Harbour 2  8 matches all

WK 2 - Daniel Delbourgo 3, Armindeep Singh 1, Benyi Yang 1, Dave Scott 1

NH 2 - Sameer Khedhir 1, Tanya Sulimova 1, Josh Irvine 2, William Wu  2


Waikato 3 drew with North Harbour 3 8 matches all

WK 3 - James Harter  2, Johny Ainsley 1, Yang Low 1, Jimmy Caunter 2

NH 3 - Kenny Li 3, John Lee 1, Jerry Ho 2, Milorad Zutic 0


North Harbour 4 beat Waikato 4 15 matches to 1

WK 4 - Trevor McGaughran 0, David Yells 1, Aaron Yang 0, Mark Caunter 0

NH 4 - Ivan Abbott 3, Josh TePania 3, Osama El Beltagi 3, Bill Sorby 2

Schools Term 4 Competition

posted Oct 1, 2013, 3:07 PM by Gina Connell

NHTTA's schools teams competition starts on Friday October 25th and runs through to Friday November 23rd 2013 in Term 4.

Sessions start each week at 5pm to 7pm.  Players can form their own teams and you can join with players from other schools rather than the school organising the team.  The league is open to all school age players.

Enquire at the stadium or refer to the entry form.  Entries close Tuesday 22nd October.

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