North Harbour Table Tennis Association Incorporated was formed in 1957 and became an incorporated society in 1960, after previously being a sub association of Auckland, and operated out of various rented facilities. In 1994, work commenced on a purpose built sports stadium at 5a Akoranga Drive, Northcote, North Shore City and this stadium is home to table tennis. 




North Harbour Table Tennis Association Incorporated's area covers North Shore, Albany and Rodney Wards (click to enlarge photo). 

We are also known as Table Tennis North Harbour (TTNH).
We were previously known as North Shore Table Tennis 



To date over 34,000 pupiles have been through one of our school sessions which is now approved nationally.  

Approximately 15 schools per year are visited with the emphasis on Year 1 to Year 8 pupils

Wheelchair AWD

In 2006, in conjunction with Paralympics NZ we started a weekly wheelchair programme.  

We have also worked with the Halberg Trust to setup an inclusion module into all of our coach education resources and schools programmes so that all athletes with a range of disabilities can be included in a regular session of table tennis.  

This is in line with SPARC coaching strategies.  The pilot programme is being launched her in North Harbour in selected schools from 2010

Active Asian

The Asian population in North Shore City is expected to increase 222% by the year 2015.  

Table Tennis North Harbour has been working with the Active Asian group to use sport as one of the best forms of integrating the Asian sector into the community at large.